How to Choose Your Next Realtor -

How to Choose Your Next Realtor

How to Choose Your Next Realtor

There are agents who specialize in buyers and some sellers, some who do both, to those who specialize in land, horse properties, high dollar properties and first time home buyers and everything in between.

Some agents prefer to specialize in one area and others who will take you all over the Valley. How do you pick the right agent to fit your needs? Some may tell you that those who specialize in what and where you are looking will be the best agent for you; others may say that no matter what you are buying if you like your agent and your personalities mesh, they can sell you anything, or sell anything for you. There are plenty of agents out there to choose from and plenty of business for all the agents. So why it is that some are more successful than others?… That is for you to be the judge.

Ask yourself before your first or next real estate transaction what is important to you. Ask your friends and family members for referrals. Who have they used and why and what were their experiences. When picking or interviewing an agent ask some or all of the following questions.

Not all Realtors are created equal and not all Realtors are going to do the same thing to sell your home. Are they creative, do they think outside the box? What is their strategy? Are they selling your home or marketing themselves? Are they listening to your needs? Just as all Realtors are not created equally all buyers and sellers are not going to be either. Is the Realtor you employ fitting you into a mold of what they do with every client, or are they individually customizing the plan for your sale or purchase based off of what is best for you? What is their track record? What are their accomplishments, contributions, and industry presence? What are other people saying about them? How busy are they?

In this day and age, internet presence is important to attract those lookers and get them into your home. When selling, what is the agent doing to make sure your home gets exposure and traffic? Are they taking professional photos, or is their phone camera sufficient enough? Are they are part of any networking groups, do they work for a company who will help market the home for them, are they focusing on the best features of your home to get it sold? When buying, are they familiar with the different types of loans out there? How much experience do they have in negotiating offers and concessions? What types of properties have they sold in the past? New builds, resales, land? Do they have a mentor or someone to ask if a problem arises or a situation gets sticky, or when they are unfamiliar with a certain aspect you may encounter? Remember not every agent is going to know everything, please don’t expect them to. But if you are guaranteed they have someone they can ask, that will make all the difference.

Remember everyone has to start somewhere, you may think you want the seasoned veteran who can sell you something in their sleep, the person whose signs you see all over your community, and you just very well may; but you may be also as convinced to work with the “newbie” agent who is working with a mentor to advise them every step of the way, they can be so focused and give all their attention to you as they are eager to learn, help and become the best agent they can be while meeting your needs. With your loyalty they may be one step closer to their goal. So whoever you choose, make sure it is an informed decision and one that you are comfortable with before proceeding.