Color changes in your home -

Color changes in your home

Color changes in your home

September is right around the corner and fall is in the air, which makes me think of color changes… well, maybe not in the heart of Phoenix Arizona, but in other parts of Arizona and in other states…It was 74 the other morning when I woke up…I even made some pumpkin muffins! (wishful thinking) I would have to say FALL is traditionally my favorite SEASON.

When it comes to color changes in your home, what is your best route? I was just asked recently by a friend what I would consider the best neutral color choice if they are planning to sell their home in the next couple years, tans or grays? Now gray has seemed to pop up in model homes and fix and flips a lot more in the last couple years than ever before. Is this a color that will last or something that is more trending at this time. You have to be extremely cautious about what types of furniture you put in a home with grays. Gray can tend to be a dulling rather than brightening color. It all depends on what gray you choose. Just like with a tan or beige, which can be too pink or too yellow at times. An oatmeal or sand color always seems safe. With khaki you don’t want something with too much green, as with gray you don’t want too blue of an undertone if your purpose is to stay neutral. Blue undertones can really give the impression of blue in the home and if that is not the look you desire you may want to reconsider your color choice.

I currently have a listing that has a gray carpet and I have had several Realtors recently tell me in feedback that their clients did not like the blue carpet… honestly the carpet is far from “blue” but depending on the time of day, the lighting and the furniture… it just may give that impression.

With all the DIY craze these days, my best advice to my friends, buyers and sellers is… if you are living in your home, BE HAPPY, ENJOY YOUR HOME, Decorate as you wish… love the house you have… yes, I say there is an extent to which you should be cautious for resale purposes down the road on certain changes to your home, but when it comes to paint, it is literally the cheapest thing you can do yourself to give your home a different look. So unless you are planning to sell your home tomorrow… LOVE IT, express yourself and enjoy life through the color you choose! You can always change it later… or not, I sold my home with a royal Blue, bright red and yellow game room, if a buyer really wants YOUR house… they can change it too!

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